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Hundreds of thousands of consumers receive emergency room treatment every year due to injuries caused by defective products. Injury victims are entitled to compensation whenever an injury is related to a defect in the design or manufacturing of a product, or to a failure to warn the consumer of the risks associated with the product. In some cases, it makes sense for victims to pursue compensation collectively by means of a class action lawsuit.

Defective product lawsuits are a particularly useful means of achieving justice when consumers have not yet suffered a provable injury from a defective product, but have been exposed to a risk of future health problems. A child who has been chewing on a toy that is coated with lead paint is one example. Even if no present injury exists, parents and the child will need to incur time and expense (and suffer emotional distress) from monitoring the child’s health in the future. “Medical monitoring” claims are often best addressed in class action lawsuits, since they are more likely to impress upon the manufacturer (and the courts) the severity of the problem.

The defective product attorneys in California at The Cooper Law Firm assist consumers in bringing class action lawsuits to recover compensation for past and future harms that they suffered due to defective products. Nearly any product defect that causes an injury or elevates a risk of future injury may give rise to a class action lawsuit. The following are some of the more common categories of product defects that create liability for manufacturers and sellers.

Defective Vehicles

Defective VehiclesClass actions are appropriate when a defective component in a car or truck causes accidents that injure drivers or passengers, as well as defective safety devices that fail to protect drivers or passengers from injury. Recent examples of product defects involving vehicles include:

Personal Care Products

In an ideal world, cosmetics, toothpaste, body powders, and other personal care products would be perfectly safe. In reality, companies have often marketed personal care products that cause cancer or other serious health conditions. Examples include:

Deceptive advertising can lead some consumers to believe a product is intended to be used dangerously.

Infant Care Products

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nursery products accounted for more than 69,000 emergency room visits during 2014. Children are particularly vulnerable to injury from products like the following:


defective toysMany toys are recalled every year due to safety concerns. Almost any kind of toy might be unsafe if it is not property designed or manufactured. Safety hazards include choking on small parts, poisoning from toxic coatings, and eye injuries from toys that have points or jagged edges. Examples of unsafe toys include:

Sporting Goods

Athletic products too often increase the risk associated with playing a sport or engaging in a recreational activity. Here are some examples of dangerous sporting goods:


Defective Drugs Lawyer

Class actions are often initiated on behalf of patients who have been harmed by dangerous drugs when they were not warned about potential consequences of taking the drugs. Here are some examples:

Medical Devices

Any device that your doctor recommends should be safe and effective. Unfortunately, some cause serious health problems that are not explained to patients who agree to use the devices. Examples include:

Home Products

defective home productMany products that consumers use in their homes turn out to be dangerous. Defective wiring, inferior materials, and poor design all contribute to consumer injuries. Below is a resource to some common examples:

Defective Product Class Action Lawsuits

In appropriate cases, a California defective product lawyer helps consumers maximize the compensation they receive for injuries caused by defective products. Whether a class action is the right approach to a products liability case requires a careful analysis of the facts and law. The attorneys at The Cooper Law Firm can advise you whether your injury from a defective product should be pursued as an individual claim or as a class action lawsuit.

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If you or your loved one suffered from a defective product, speaking with a defective product lawyer in California at The Cooper Law Firm will help you to better understand your options and help you to make a decision that is in the best interest of you and your family. Our firm has worked with people from all over California such as Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles to name a few.  Call (844) 724-9200 today to obtain a free case evaluation from experienced professionals.

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