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FDCPA Attorneys In California

Debt collectors have a long history of being abusive, deceptive, and careless. California consumers are turning to class action lawsuits to help them win compensation from debt collectors who engage in harassment, who persist in trying to make them pay debts that they do not owe, and who threaten to ruin credit, reputations, or financial security.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that regulates debt collection agencies. The FDCPA protects consumers from unfair or abusive debt collection practices. When debt collectors violate the FDCPA, affected consumers are entitled to a financial remedy. Consumers can recover up to $1,000 for each intentional violation of the FDCPA, as well as compensation for actual harms they suffered.

The FDCPA attorneys in California at The Cooper Law Firm represent consumers in class action lawsuits against debt collection agencies that violate the FDCPA. Class action lawsuits force collection agencies to take claims seriously. In most cases, debt collectors settle rather than facing the risk and expense of bringing a class action lawsuit to trial.

Debt collectors violate the FDCPA in California in many ways. The most common violations are described below.

FDCPA First Contact Violations

FDCPA Attorneys In California

The first contact a debt collector makes (whether by telephone, mail, or in person) must notify you that the contact is for the purpose of collecting a debt. The debt collector must also:

Advise you of your right to dispute the debt within 30 days.

If you dispute the debt, any further collection activity must stop until the debt collector verifies that the debt is valid. Debt collectors violate the FCPA when they fail to provide the information described above or when they attempt to collect a disputed and unverified debt.

FDCPA Telephone Collection Violations

A debt collector who contacts you by telephone may violate the FDCPA in any of the following ways:

FDCPA Mail Violations

A debt collector who contacts you by mail may not place any information on the envelope that identifies the letter as coming from a debt collector. Debt collectors may not contact you by postcard. If someone who looks at your unopened mail can see that the mail is from a debt collector, the collection agency violated the FDCPA.

FDCPA Harassment or Abuse Violations

Harassment or Abuse Violations

A debt collector violates the FDCPA by harassing or abusing debtors. Examples of harassment or abuse include:

FDCPA Violations Involving Misrepresentations

A debt collector violates the FDCPA by telling a lie or using deception to induce the payment of a debt. Examples of misrepresentations and misleading representations that the FDCPA prohibits include:

If you’ve experienced any of the above, speaking with an FDCA attorney is in your best interest. The Cooper Law Firm provides free case evaluations and does not charge their clients unless the case is won.

FDCPA Unfair Collection Practices

A debt collector may not use unfair practices to collect a debt. Examples of unfair practices include:

Class Action Remedies

A debt collection agency that violates the FDCPA when it contacts you is probably using the same illegal tactics when it contacts other debtors. When consumers come together to bring FDCPA claims against the same collection agency in a class action lawsuit, the collection agency is more likely to admit its wrongdoing, to cease its illegal collection efforts, and to pay a reasonable sum of money to settle the claims.

What Victims Can Do

The Cooper Law Firm represents consumers in class action FDCPA lawsuits. If you think your rights under the FDCPA have been violated by a debt collection agency, contact an FDCPA lawyer in California at The Cooper Law Firm for a free evaluation of your case. Call (844) 724-9200 to get help now.

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