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California consumers rely on product labels to provide accurate information about the foods or goods they buy. When product labels are false or misleading, consumers may be fooled into buying a product they do not want. In some cases, false labeling may expose consumers to unexpected dangers.

Consumers who are deceived by product labels can seek justice by filing a class action lawsuit. The lawsuits are typically filed under California laws that prohibit false advertising and consumer fraud, including laws that protect consumers from unfair trade practices that involve deceptive or misleading statements in the sale or marketing of consumer goods.

The Cooper Law Firm represents consumers who purchased falsely labeled products. By speaking with an attorney for false labeling on products, consumers can get the info needed to help assure that deceptive claims are removed from product labels.

Food or Beverage Labeling

False Product Labeling Attorneys

Several federal agencies regulate the labeling of food products. The Food and Drug Administration regulates labels attached to most foods and nonalcoholic beverages. The U.S. Department of Agriculture regulates the labeling of meat, poultry, and liquid egg products. The labeling of alcoholic beverages falls under the jurisdiction of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Notwithstanding federal regulations, the labels on many food and beverage products are false or misleading. Food labeling violations may involve false statements about the ingredients contained in a food product or beverage. It is critical for consumers that goods are free of product defects and correctly labeled.  Food labeling class action lawsuits may also be based on misleading claims about the nature or benefits of the food or beverage.

Examples of false food or beverage labeling include:

Other Product Labeling

deceptive product labels

California law requires all product labels to be truthful. Deceptive labeling violates laws that protect consumers from being defrauded.

Examples of misleading or deceptive product labels include:

False Labeling Class Actions

Class action lawsuits involving false product labels serve two purposes. First, they provide compensation to consumers who were deceived by the labels. While any one individual might not find it worthwhile to bring a false labeling lawsuit against a large corporation, consumers gain power by pursuing collective claims in a class action lawsuit.

Second, class action product labeling lawsuits force corporations to change their labels. By bringing a class action lawsuit, you not only vindicate your own rights, you help protect other consumers from deceptive or misleading product labels.

What Victims Can Do

If you purchased a product and you suspect that the product label makes claims or states information that is false or misleading, contact the false labeling lawyers in California at The Cooper Law Firm. We bring class action lawsuits to protect the rights of California consumers. Call (844) 724-9200 now to obtain a free consultation and get help today.

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